The Fisher’s High School SIA team completed 7 projects, engaged 2,347 members of their school community participating in an astounding 3,099 hours of service. But the numbers alone don’t tell the story. This team planned a project to address a significant need in their community: homelessness. Using their ingenuity and communication skills, they partnered with local businesses and hotels to save $6000 worth of unused toiletries and pack them into 200 Comfort Care kits to donate to a homeless encampment in downtown Indiana.

“The growth that we have experienced as a team and as individuals as part of SIA surpasses anything we ever expected. The first thing that has changed is our perception of our power. Coming into the club, we all thought service was a wonderful thing, but we did not realize how much we, as mere high schoolers, can do. The leadership and communication skills that we have gained through SIA have been invaluable. But beyond that SIA has taught us, and is continuing to teach the younger students, that leadership is more than then telling others what to do. Sometimes the greatest service someone will provide is not leading a hugely successful project, but developing new leaders that will in turn lead these projects.”