Annette Forrester is a Multiplying Good One in a Million Award recipient. They are among the millions of people who are putting others first and using service as a solution to the problems we're facing. Read his story below then nominate someone who's making a difference during this unprecedented time!

One in a Million Award recipient: Annette Forrester

Where they are multiplying good: Kouts, IN

How they are multiplying good: Annette spent many hours organizing 3 different birthday parades and a staff parade during the Pandemic. The first birthday parade was for students whose birthdays were at the beginning of the Quarantine and couldn't have a party with their friends. Annette organized parents, teachers, the principal, and police officers to be in a parade past the students' houses to greet them, honk their horns, drop off cards and leave small gifts. After the first one, she organized an April and May Birthday parade for our students--each one a little bigger. The largest parade was when the staff, principal, fire dept and police drove past the majority of student homes to see their faces and say