The Fisher’s High School Students in Action team is a student-led service club, where students can suggest and lead their own service projects to help areas in their community or across the globe they feel passionately about. This year, the club worked on multiple service projects spanning a variety of topics from destigmatizing mental health to collecting feminine hygiene products or to discussing racial equity with the police.

Their main project, the You Broke It. Let’s Fix It podcast, allowed the team to create an enduring community resource that is educational, conversational, and free of charge, while helping people understand what equity work is and isn’t—and why it’s nothing to be afraid of. The episodes of the podcast are still being released, but even the internal impact is rippling; the team has educated themselves on the inner-workings of equity, interviewed leading equity experts like Mr. Cornelius Minor, and become more confident and comfortable speaking about the topic of equity.