Each year, the Fishers High School Students in Action team sets out to expand their service. This year the team challenged themselves to see how far their reach of service could go and was able to impact over 21,000 lives.

Their two main projects were the creation of a service leadership conference that led to a year-long shoe drive in eight different school districts and the goal of collecting 80,000 pairs of shoes.

Their second large project was Creating Actions Through Service or CATS, to help spread the ability to do service by leading professional development days, creating materials for teachers, and by working with elementary age students on passion-driven projects.

As a club, they led many other projects, including an awareness night on Human Trafficking, a pajama collection drive for foster kids, and raised $32,000 to help a family whose daughter has cancer.

Because of their continued extensive impact, Fisher's High School was the 2019 National Amassador Students In Action Team.