“The best servants do not want to be recognized but we have found that recognizing them is incredibly important. Good servants and leaders often forget how important their impact is to their communities. Recognizing their service reminds and thanks them for this impact.”

Now in their third year of having a Students In Action (SIA) team at Frankton High School, the club averages 70 members. This year, the SIA team at Frankton High School focused on the planning and execution of a community and school-wide Day of Service. The first thing the team decided to do was to understand the needs of the community, so they surveyed their neighbors, from which they choose the projects they would complete. In total, they completed 23 different projects, engaging 80% of the student body in more than 1,000 hours of community service and partnering with a wide range of community organizations. Beyond the numbers, this group of young leaders learned that service can is more than random acts of kindness. It’s about building relationships in their community.